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For Microsoft Partners in Western Europe
Normal price: €1.500

There’s No Such Thing As A Surefire Bet. But This Is Pretty Darn Close.

Lead generation. There’s an art to getting it right. But even the best strategy relies on attracting and converting cold prospects.

Not anymore. Our Traffic Accelerator programme sends Microsoft Partners like you vetted, qualified leads.

How? We create a series of search-focused ads in Bing, giving you €300 in ad spend. We then deploy these ads to warm prospects who are looking for *exactly* what you’re offering in your target regions – significantly increasing your chances of conversion.

Get a clear insight in who is interested in you

Our insights platform YourWoo tracks all data and shows new opportunities. Companies that visit your website are visible in YourWoo, but also shared through email.

In short; YourWoo enables you to grow your business sustainably.

Huge Discount for all Microsoft Partners in Western Europe

Are you a Microsoft Partner? Claim your Traffic Accelerator today and receive funding from Microsoft (60% of total fee). The Traffic Accelerator includes:

  • Setup of search campaign on Bing
  • Monthly management reports & campaign optimisation
  • Regular reporting and advice
  • 24/7 access to YourWoo – our bespoke insight and leads overview platform

Availability is limited and campaign funding is distributed on a "first-come-first-serve"-basis.

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